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Below are excerpts of actual letters from Majordomo Clients.  They are available for inspection to verify authenticity. 


"It is not often that one has the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for such a stellar individual.  I have had an incredible, fulfilling and positive interaction with our manager for the last several years. He is a unique combination of efficiency, tact and professionalism.  He handles vendors better than anyone I have worked with, utilizing firm but friendly management, coupled with kindness and consideration. He actively protects the HOA position.  On many an occasion I personally witnessed his handling of irate, overbearing and obnoxious owners and tenants with a kind nurturing and pacifying approach that almost always reverses a hostile forum into a manageable situation.  We are lucky to have him and his wonderful, expedient and professional manner."  David S., Board President 


"I can't thank you enough for all the good work you do for us.  You are so greatly appreciated!  You have developed the concept of managing homes into a skilled art form.  Your abilities, dedication, eye for detail and business ethics have enhanced our lifestyle greatly."  Terry M., Homeowner 


"In recognition of your performance over the months we hereby vote unanimously to issue you the enclosed bonus check for a Job Well Done."  Nancy T., Director


"Thank you for the terrific job you are doing for all of us.   Your professionalism, diligence and eye for detail is highly valued."  Scott L., Board President


"Majordomo has been our property manager for almost 15 years.  This is quite a record for property managers.  I highly recommend Majordomo as a condo manager."  Carol S., Director


"...I wanted to let you know how much we have valued your oversight and 'quintessential professionalism.'  We have been so lucky to have you for so many years!"  Molly L., Homeowner


"Your vast knowledge of homeowner association procedures and law proved invaluable in guiding several boards of directors who had little knowledge of how an association should be run."  Yolanda S., Director 


"Happy New Year to the 'Majordomo-King-of-Property-Managers'!  Thank you for all you do!"  M&S, Homeowners


"It has been my great pleasure to have retained your services over the past 10 years.  As developer and property manager, you negotiated the purchase of 5 contiguous lots totaling 1.5 acres for me in Laguna Beach and through your conscientious work with realtors, architects and contractors, built my custom English County home, one of the most beautiful in the City.  None of this would have been possible without your lobbying on my behalf through attendance and speaking at City Design Review Board and City Council meetings."  Nelson R., Homeowner


"Thanks so much for the great job you did managing my California home.  It was comforting to know that you would handle any situation that arose, and that you would do whatever it took to get it done."  Anthony C., Homeowner 


"You performed your duties in a responsible, conscientious and dedicated manner."  Dwight S., Homeowner


"Thank you for the exceptional job you have done as our property manager.  We were doing self-management for several years.  Our record-keeping was in shambles and things fell through the cracks.  Thanks to you we have a budget, reserve study, all financials, tax reports, updated rules & regs, a project list and much more. I own 8 investment properties and have dealt with many HOAs and management companies, so when I say you stand out among the best, I mean it!  With your 25 yrs. experience, you help us tremendously!  You are detail-oriented and have great follow-up skills.  You communicate exceptionally well by emails and always keep all members informed.  You know the laws we need to follow.  Judy M., Director


You are an intelligent and motivated individual and show significant organizational skills.  You define the needs of a condominium association with finesse and steer board discussions in a productive fashion. Your performance is impeccable.  Your devotion to quality relationships with board members and a clear understanding of your business role make you a consistent contributor to any association and a superior management leader as contrasted with our former management company."  Jason C., Director


"You display an excellent work ethic with the appropriate credentials to manage our organization. Your professional depth and understanding of the legal and administrative issues were the precise characteristics to resolve our HOA's problems.  You are mild-mannered with good communication and problem-solving skills, always pursuing ways of preserving the HOA assets."  Richard B., Board President


"Due to your professional manner in all things management-related, our complex underwent major changes.  The owners were happy, the board was happy and, as President, I knew we were finally being represented and managed by someone who takes their work seriously.  We were in solid hands and have been ever since."  Scott L., Board President


"I have worked with Majordomo for over 14 years in my capacity as President.  We hired this company from a long list of candidates and have not regretted that decision.  I recommend Majordomo to anyone who wants things done properly and efficiently."  Om P., Board President 


"Majordomo has an incredible knowledge in everything from actual building physical structure to financial and legal matters.  They provide much more than just the typical bookkeeping service of many management companies.  In an industry (HOA management) that is largely unregulated, we were fortunate to have found a management firm as knowledgeable, caring and professional as Majordomo."  Roger H., Board President


"We want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work on behalf of the association.  You know how to get things done!"  Phil & Karen M., Homeowners 


"You seem to take care of any issues that come up!  I want to thank you for your professionalism, keeping us informed, and quick response to any issues that arise"   Mary R., Director


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